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Who are we ?

Pyston -Vêtement / Sportswear Moto Vintage



Avenue Del Ravell Naus Grillaire nº11bis

AD400 La Massana



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It’s true that Pyston burst onto the scene like the detonation triggered by the alchemy of a cylinder and its piston.But doesn’t such an explanation also sell us a little short?

We certainly think so; today Pyston might not have turned 100 like so many legendary pioneers of our story like AJS, Norton, Matchless, Brough Superior and also the Triumph…

Yes, all those builders of dreams, our biking dreams which have gifted us so many scrambler, café racer, racing bikes, enduro, trial, cross… But this little up-and-coming brand of t-shirt, polo, hoodies, jacket, cap and many more to come in the near future, has matured as well as any of the classics, and is still making its presence felt, having been nurtured and carried forwards by four generations of motorcyclists.

Yes, even I... Despite my collection of 21 bikes gathered together since the age of 6 with my 1976 Honda 75 XR now at the age of 43 with my BUELL 1200 lightning US, my father and my uncles with their Norton, AJS, Triumph, BSA, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, MV Agusta…, my grandfather with Norton international, BSA, Matchless, Triumph…. And lastly, or perhaps firstly, my great-grandfather who took up biking in the 1935-1940 by buying a 250 Terro Ventoux from a salesman who showed him how to start the motor and how to set off. Not having learnt anything else, even how to stop, he had to wait for the petrol to run out as he drove it around the family farm so that the engine would come to a stop.

At the time, there was no such thing as a motorcycle license or the highway code. Motorcycle helmets hadn’t even been invented yet, motorcycle gloves were nothing other than work gloves (as sported by modern day hipsters). No racing boots or vintage ones for that matter.

Motorcycle jackets were just jackets, sometimes canvas, taken straight from the workwear favoured by American railroad builders of the 1900s, which bikers from the land of “uncle Sam” tended to wear due to their hardy nature and comfort, alternatively they wore basic cotton jackets seen in the fields and for the richer it was a all about the leather aviator-style jackets.

No t-shirts, no hoodies, no hi-tech material to keep you cool or warm. No flexible back protection, no shoulder or elbow pads by D3O or any other protective biker clothing brand.

In short, our biking ancestors were hard as nails!!! Legends...

Now, this modern classic our definitive passion, bringing all bikers together, anyone with a scrambler, cafe racer, sports bike or any kind of off-roader, it is our raison d’être, it has made us what we are: bikers. And this is what has driven me to create a clothing brand whose character is pure “old school, vintage, old-rider, old-racer, retro….” So we can show the rest of the world what this love is and what it represents, a love for something which some find abstract and quite bleak.

The production of T-shirts, polos, hoodies, jacket, vintage cap, old school and so many other types of classic, old rider clothing in the not so distant future, will forever be closely associated with the scrambler, café racer, bobbers, sports, off road, flat track… bike allowing us to carve out our identity and define who we are twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, something which is pivotal for us at Pyston.

It is also essential for us, through our vintage clothing, to be able to continue contributing to the cultural education of young bikers everywhere. We don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about the history of motorbiking, and far be it for us to do so, which is why we have also created a blog dedicated to the good old scrambler, flat track, café racer, Norton, triumph…, and the history of biking equipment like bowl helmets, climax googles... For the keepers of historic and legendary bikes… A blog dedicated to our treasured heritage.

We would be hugely proud to be able to say one day that we played a part in this story and helped shape a world where every single biker rides in the full knowledge of why we still exist.


We have chosen to specialise in the production of T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, jackets and helmets, our goal being to make the greatest possible old-school clothing.

We select the highest quality cotton and never work with carded cotton, instead preferring combed cotton.

- Combed cotton is made up of fibres measuring between 32 and 40 mm in length.The longer the fibres, the finer they are and the higher the quality of the finished thread.

- As for carded cotton, it is made up of fibres measuring between 23 and 31 mm in length.

The “peach skin effect” (very soft) fabric, which you can find on our T-shirts and vintage hoodies, is 100% combed cotton for the T-shirts or 80% combed cotton and 20% polyester, its surface is brushed with a large, fine metallic brush which breaks the outermost fibres making them stick out from these high-end fabrics like short hairs, giving them a comfortable, luxurious and now old-school look.

All of which goes to show that the longer the cotton fibre is to begin with, the longer this velour effect offered by 100% combed cotton will stand the test of time.

The same goes for all the accessories: such as the zips exclusively selected from the catalogue of the leading manufacturer “YKK”, which ensures quality and faultless manufacturing.

The producers of our labels, stamps, buttons and fastenings... are all also selected from among the market leaders.

We take special care to personally visit the factories of potential partners, and are sure to avoid any which employ child labour.We only work on a small or medium scale in order to offer greater product quality control.

First and foremost, we concentrate on the quality of our vintage clothing and the finish of nos Blousons, Tee Shirt, Polos, Hoodies, Casquettes old shool; but also on a thoughtful touch to our customer service.